Life is Better Together

But getting together is harder than it should be.

How often has this happened to you? You meet an old friend in passing, or get introduced to a potential business partner, or decide you want to have some friends over for a backyard barbecue. Everyone agrees they want to get together. Someone sends an email or a text: “What time works for you?” The response comes back: “I’m pretty flexible, what works for you?”

If you’re lucky, after a few rounds back and forth, you might actually get something scheduled and get to catch up with that old friend, or explore a new business opportunity, or make some great memories.

If you’re like far too many of us, too often, these chances slip by because the process of actually finding a date and time that works for everyone is too cumbersome and inefficient.

Given all of our fancy, always-on, hyper-connected technology, shouldn’t we just be able to sync our calendars and see clearly when we can all get together?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Does an empty space on your calendar mean that you can meet someone for coffee? Do you know about things on your schedule that aren’t blocked out on your calendar? Do you have a note on your calendar that doesn’t mean you’re unavailable? Do you fill in your calendar by the day, or down to the minute?

Whatever your answer to these questions (and a hundred more), the people you’re trying to sync up with certainly would answer them differently. Calendars are messy. They’re squishy. Some days and times are set in stone (I have a procedure scheduled or a vacation booked) Some time is firm, but movable for the right reasons (we were planning on cleaning out the garage that afternoon, but that can wait). Some time is free (I don’t have any plans that evening). Some time is preferred (I’d love to meet Tuesday because I have a meeting on Wednesday that would be more productive if this conversation happens first).

© Kelsey Chance, Unsplash

There’s no way to know all this information for each person and magically coordinate the best time. But that doesn’t mean that we have to settle for ad hoc volleys of messages taking shots in the dark at mutually-agreeable times.

The right tool makes all the difference.

If you’ve ever made a scheduling spreadsheet, or circulated a shared document, or wrote an elaborate email laying out all the possible dates and times, you know that there’s a missing tool.

We’re setting out to create that tool. Not so that you lay awake in bed staring at it for hours. Not to show you ads. Not to farm your personal information. Not to be another subscription in your monthly budget. Just to bring the right technologies together to solve a problem.

We hope you’ll like it. We hope it reduces the time you spend trying to schedule events. We hope it cuts down on missed chances. We hope it increases the amount of time you spend with good people doing great things.