Frequently asked questions

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Why do I have to buy credits?
Payment processors (the companies that help us securely process your credit card payment) charge a percentage of the transaction amount plus a flat fee per transaction. This means that, if we lower the individual transaction amount enough, they would take a significantly larger portion of total price.

We could allow you to pay for only one event at a time, but then each event would have to cost much more. In an attempt to strike the right balance, we tried to find the sweet spot that allowed us to charge as little as possible per event while still allowing the lowest possible minimum transaction amount.

Can I share my credits with someone else?
Not yet, but we are working on adding the ability to easily and securely transfer credits to other accounts.
Do you have a free tier?
Each new account gets 3 free credits. After that, you'll need to purchase additional credits to schedule additional events.

We don't have an ad-supported version because, well, ads suck.

Do you offer a subscription for high-volume users?
Not yet, but we may consider it if it looks like there are users who could benefit from it, but we'd keep the pay-per-event option as the default.